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Day 8 of food. The End. OR IS IT? June 17, 2015


The last one for now (although we’ve got loads more food for you to check out).

A personal favourite…

Leg of duck confit with spring onion mash & hoisin sweet chilli sauce – £13 / £11.70

Awwww yeeeeeah.

Day 7 of food. You need to eat food to stay alive. We suggest doing that June 15, 2015


Another veggie option from our main menu. Halloumi – acceptable cheese.

Quinoa, lentil sun blush tomatoes, halloumi, olives & red onion salad with Vietnamese dressing (V) – £12 / £10.80 with comedy ticket

Day 6 of food for your belly June 13, 2015


Hey, apparently this is also designed for sharing, but just because those ribs are separated don’t feel like you need to follow the rules, you rebel. I could eat, like, three plates of this is one sitting. Maybe. I’m not Adam Richman.

Sizzling spare ribs with barbecue sauce, summer slaw & battered onion rings – £12 / £10.80 with comedy ticket

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