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Comedy Workshops April 23, 2015

Anna Morris

Camden Comedy Club is holding some comedy workshops over the next few months, presented by Anna Morris.

All priced at a very reasonable £25 per four-hour session, the courses are thus:

- Creating and Producing a 1 hour Edinburgh show: Character and Sketch
- Online Character Comedy
- Character Comedy Course

For full details and dates, have a mosey on over to the Camden Comedy Club website.

New Two-For-£10 Lunch Deal March 20, 2015

Haha Business


If you don’t work in an office it doesn’t matter – The Camden Head is your office now.

Mon-Fri between 12-3pm get two for £10 deals on any of the following:

Beef Burger and Chips
Sausage and Mash
Penne Arabbiata
Halloumi and Avocado Salad

Natural Born Storytellers on ‘Scars’ March 16, 2015

Natural Born Storytellers

Wed 18th March at Camden Comedy Club:

Important life events always leave a mark, embed themselves into your psyche and change you forever. ‘Scars’ brings people together to share these momentous events and stories that have left them changed. We could hear stories about physical scars, emotional wounds, or perhaps a wonderfully happy occasion left you scarred for entirely different reasons.

Natural Born Storytellers nights are friendly. open, intimate and honest and the stories moving, life-affirming, shocking, captivating or just plain hilarious. It’s different to a comedy night where the expectation is laughter… here laughter comes, but it’s a part of a whole breadth of other emotions and reactions to the stories and it makes for rich and fulfilling entertainment.

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